First Visit

What Will Happen On My First Visit?

A health history form can be completed in advance of your appointment through our online patient registration link.  These forms can also be emailed to you for you to complete at home. 

 If you require antibiotics before dental treatment, please take them one hour prior to your appointment.

 You will also need:

  • Referral slip, x-rays, or other records your dentist has given you
  • List of medications
  • Dental insurance information

 Your first appointment is for a consultation.  Your Periodontist will assess your periodontal health by examining your teeth, gums, bone, the function of your jaw joint, and perform an oral cancer screening.  X-rays, if not already provided, will be taken for diagnosis.  Your Periodontist will review your diagnosis and propose a course of treatment.  Any questions you have will be answered. Our treatment coordinator will review a treatment plan and provide you an estimate.  If you have dental insurance, we will also submit for pre-determination of benefits to your carrier.  Your Periodontist will also provide a report to your dentist with treatment recommendations.  Treatment can be scheduled after your consultation.